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The Silver Thimble award is awarded annually to a QGA guild member who has given their time for the success of the guild.

Past Silver Thimble Award Winners

​2010  Genevieve Bourgeois

2011   Carole Gaubert

2012  Kathleen Chauvin

2013  Jonelle "Torch" Archibald

2014  Nadine Cain

2015  Rosemary Florstedt

2016  Gloria Raggio

2017  Val Hellickson

2018  Danielle Colvin

2019  Judy Garber

2020  Paula Payne

2021  Mary Meche

2022  Carolyn Sirmon

2023 Ellen Caillouet


Silver Thimble_2022_Carolyn Sirmon.png
Silver Thimble.png

Silver Thimble Award

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