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QGA Charter Members

Celebrating 33 Years!


Quilters' Guild Acadienne was formed in 1990 as a non-profit organization by the following members:

Charlene Bertrand

Deena Blanchard

Shirley Borel

Yvette Boutte

Deanna Breaux

Arleen Broderick

Linda Crochet

Jan De Garie

Alice Eastin

Mary Gilbert

Edna Guilbeau

Pearl Howard

Guyla Hubble

Suzanne Langlinais

Caron Myles

Terry Perram

Lee Perrien

Sara Richard

Evelyn Rupp

Inez Schmitt

Linda Shulaw

Milliie Sloan

Bera Smith

Gloria Suarez

Phyllis Tabbert

Barbara White

Dulcy White

Mary White

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