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About Us

Quilters’ Guild Acadienne is a diverse group of creative quilters that range from beginners to highly accomplished quilters.


Some of our quilters treasure traditional quilting styles and enjoy preserving time-honored, traditional techniques. While others enjoy experimentation with new and contemporary methods producing art quilts or embracing the current modern quilt movement.


Within our guild there are a number of “bees” or smaller groups focusing on specific types of quilting who meet to inspire and learn from one another.


We offer fun group activities such as retreats and sew days where members gather to quilt together and build friendships with others who share their love for quilting.

Our quilters have big hearts and many enjoy our community service projects where they can contribute their skills by quilting for those who are in need of the comfort a quilt can offer.

We attract quilters from Lafayette and the surrounding parishes and beyond.


We welcome anyone with an interest in quilting from those with only a budding curiosity about quilting to the most experienced quilters.

Our Mission

  • To preserve the culture and tradition of quilt making in this area

  • To encourage the education and understanding of the many aspects of quilt making

  • To encourage all individuals in realizing their creative abilities


We are dedicated in our mutual effort to enjoy and understand, rather than judge the accomplishments of others.

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