QGA President's Challenge 2021 
UFO Challenge

Do you have a UFO (Un-Finished Object)?


In this case it would be a quilt started in the past that is sitting unfinished around the house and weighing on your mind. You know the one. The little quilt for the newborn that is now a toddler; the quilt for the high school graduate who is now a college senior; the wedding gift for the couple now expecting number three.


Excitement was the order of the day when you started, but maybe it wasn’t going smoothly or you didn’t like the color, or perhaps life just got in the way.


Well it is time to get the darn thing out and get it done.


Set yourself up for success by pledging a penalty to be paid to the guild if you don’t finish it between now and December 31, 2021.


You must designate a particular UFO project to finish and how much $$ you are willing to forfeit to the guild if not finished this year.



  • Quilt must be started (material cut, pattern selected, sewing started and in some form of unfinished)

  • Quilt can be any size

  • Quilt must be finished (quilted and bound) by December 31, 2021

  • Quilt must be presented by January 27, 2022 meeting or you must (honor system in play here) pay the penalty

  • You can do more than one challenge



  • Peace of mind for finishing

  • Certificate of Completion

  • Admiration from QGA members

  • Chance to win prizes

  • More space in your sewing room for other projects



Once you have a project (or two) picked out to finish, complete the PARTICIPATION FORM and turn it in to the Membership Chair (Shelly McCoy) or QGA President (Teresa Elberson)