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I have been sewing since I was in middle school. In high school, I apprenticed with a interior designer's seamstress and learned the trade of making custom made draperies.

When I was in college, I apprenticed with a seamstress at a large department store and learned the trade of alterations (primarily men and women's clothing).

I used these skills to put myself and my husband through college.

In my spare time, when my husband was in graduate school, I made costumes for the local theater while living in Athens, Georgia. For one play, I even borrow the vintage 1960s dresses of the girls in the B52s band!

As years when on, I used my sewing skills to make clothes for my two kids. They still loved wearing the items that I made for them even up through their high school and college years!

During the current pandemic, I put my skills to work making cloth masks (just under 1,300 in total). They were donated to hospitals, a veteran's home, shut ins, churches, priests, family, neighbors and friends.

Since I am almost retirement age, I am now going to take up quilting. I am new to the craft and have only made one quilt top so far. I am currently building out one of the bedrooms in our home to be a permanent quilting room (notice, I didn't say "sewing" but "quilting").

I am looking forward to my new adventure and finding my quilting "voice"!


Sally Johnson

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