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Getting to Know You - Nadine Cain

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Nadine Cain

Quilters' Guild Acadienne

Silver Thimble Recipient, 2014

Nadine comes from a family of quilters with both her mother and sister sharing her passion. She began to quilt as a way to relax and because it was something she always wanted to do. Nadine made her first quilt 14 years ago while waiting for her first grandchild and has not stopped since.

She is a wife, mother to three children and grandmother to seven. Retired from a career as teacher, counselor and supervisor, Nadine has been extremely active in Quilters' Guild Acadienne (QGA) since she joined in 2017. Over the years, she has held various positions, including secretary and president and served on numerous committees. One of these committee projects is the Challenge Quilt, offering members the opportunity to stretch their boundaries in new ways. QGA owes much of its success as a guild to Nadine's tireless efforts to fulfill its mission.

Nadine's exhibit at Acadiana Center for the Art

Another of Nadine's interests is Confetti Quilts that she explored in a class with Noriko Endo. Nadine's own classes on Confetti Quilts are on demand. Explore making your own with scrap fabric.

Always challenging herself, Nadine has learned to produce extraordinary thread painted quilts.

Two of Nadine's Thread Painted Flowers

Fabric Collage has gained popularity recently. Learn how to make your own at this Laura Heine site.

Not one to be shy of exploring new genres, Nadine followed this trend to create her own

Nadine's talent encompasses many forms. While creating nature in her landscape quilts allows her to use her artistic talents, she loves the orderliness and the precision of piecing regular quilts. Teaching and sharing what skills she developed over the years is one of her great joys.

The members of the Quilters' Guild Acadienne are fortunate to have such a talented quilter in their midst. Her work inspires others to try new and exciting genres.

Tank you, Nadine!

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