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Do You Podcast?

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Podcasts are everywhere and are about every topic we can imagine. The podcasts about quilting are, of course, my favorite. Today, however, I discovered Tara Swiger who is a business owner and a prolific podcaster and found her podcase entitled "Stop Seeking Approval" (to build a great business). Do you write quilt patterns? do you sell your quilts or quilt tops? Do you quilt for others, either hand or machine? Does your embroidery machine monogram (for others)? Then you might enjoy how Tara encourages us to explore our enthusiasm.

She says right up front, "I am not here for your approval." Say that again...over and over... if you have any doubt that you must have approval to move forward in building your business. Tara emphatically says that she is not here for my approval. She is here to serve me (me being the people who love and want what she does). She is not here to serve anyone else... not family not friends who don't get it... but only the ones who want and love and need what she does.

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