Program Information
April, 2018

Clean Out Your Sewing Room Sale
Start gathering up any unwanted items from your sewing
room. Any quilts, tops, fabric, patterns, notions, unfinished
projects, and anything you no longer want or need, etc.
You will price your own items for your own benefit. This is
fun and you can make some money!!
Bring your own change.
Sale will be before and after both meetings. Please remove
your unsold items after the meeting.
So start cleaning out your sewing room!!!!

Better Today than Yesterday Show and Tell

Since April is our Installation of Officers for the new
year we will not have a formal program. We thought
it would be fun to have a "Themed Show and
Tell". We would like to focus on our progress as
quilters and hope you will participate by bringing an
early quilt and something recent you’ve made. Things
that represent your progress in your personal quilting