Program Information
                                                                       JULY, 2018

Program: This month we will be viewing the PBS video "The Quilts of Ken Burns." Ken Burns is well known as a director of historical movies and less known for his collection of antique quilts. This video chronicles the exhibition of his quilts at the International Quilt study and Museum in Nebraska.

                                                                      AUGUST, 2018

Kathleen Chauvin will motivate us by presenting a trunk show of her exquisite quilts at the August meeting.

In anticipation of Mary Elizabeth Kinch's visit in October, we will begin signing up for her two work-shops. There will be two DIFFERENT work-shops for this internationally known quilter and author and classes are limited to 20 participants each. The price for either of the workshops is $50 which includes a supply fee. A copy of her book Small Pieces, Spec-tacular Quilts will also be needed for the Pumpkin Peel workshop on Saturday. Pictures of each of the projects are available at the signup table. Please see Beth Andre-pont to sign up.

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