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Board Meeting Highlights

April 18, 2017
 501 C 3: The guild will contact a tax professional to come to a future board meeting to assist in determining our ideal tax status.
 Budget: This year's budget has been presented and approved. Torch recommended revising the budget in January.
 No guild member can be the same committee chair for more than two consecutive years.
 No member will hold more than one chairmanship in a given year.
 Presence in the Community: Acadiana Open Channel would like us to do a spot on AOC every three months.
 Our National Quilt Day event at the Mouton house will be March 17, 2018. There's currently no chair for the Quilt Day committee.
 Guild T-shirts: Linda will announce at the May general meeting that we should wear our favorite color shirt at the June meeting to see what is the guild overall favorite
color. Then we will order guild T-shirts in that color.