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11 AM – 3 PM

The 2020 Auction will have the traditional Verbal/Silent and Jar Raffle components. The Verbal Auction is conducted by an
auctioneer. Each item is described and held up. The auctioneer begins the bidding at the suggested minimum bid based on value.
The Silent Auction displays items individually and guests can place their bid on form provided by item at any amount over the
highest listed. Items on the Silent Auction will have a minimum bid and the value of any item will be at least $20. At the end of the
Silent Auction, items are awarded to highest bidder. Homemade food items will be accepted on afternoon of auction. (Indicate if
there are nuts in recipe.) These will be included in Silent Auction.
Bonus Raffle consists of items valued at less than $20. Guests can take as many chances as desired by putting ticket(s) worth $1
each in item’s corresponding container.
Below are suggestions to spark your creativity going. With each suggestion, think about what type of handmade item could be
included to enhance its value. There are many items suggested for each theme. We welcome small, medium or large themed
baskets/boxes/unique holders. We encourage you to ask your favorite grocer, drug store, spa, winery, restaurant, etc. for a
donation. While you’re at it, invite them to attend!
Bring donations to guild meeting. Give to Donation Team Member at registration table
Or contact Shelley Gamblin, Auction Chair (337.275.1813 for arrangement to deliver or pick up,
if necessary.
Please follow these requests before delivering your donation:
 If filling a basket, arrange items in your container in attractive manner.
 Present without wrapping or enclosing items.
 Include
 A typed or neatly written list of contents and donors.

Ideas for Your Auction Donation
Gift Certificates for Services/Classes
Catering services
Private help to choose fabrics
Cutting services
Quilting services
Binding services
Hosting a dinner party
Private applique lessons
Private cooking lessons
Private domestic machine quilting lessons
Private quilt pattern design lessons
Private quilting lessons
Private tatting lessons
Private knitting lessons
Private crochet lessons
Private computer lessons
Gift Certificates for Experiences:
Tickets for a Day at the Zoo
Tickets for a play
Tickets for athletic event
Movie tickets
Hotel stay
Dining Out at a local restaurant
Invitations to a Mardi Gras Ball
Ride on a float for Mardi Gras
Spa day/ Massage
Unique Items
Autographed books
Edibles such as jams, jellies, candy, cakes, pies, and wine.
Framed paintings suitable for Sewing Rooms
Music…. cd’s for relaxing background or get you going country or anything in between
On Line Classes
Quilting DVD
Hand Made Items
Embroidered items
Handmade stuffed animals
Holder for media devices
Napkins and placemats
Pillow cases
Quilt theme wall decorations
Quilts of all sizes
Small table runners
Table clothes
Wall hangings
Quilting Theme Basket
Cutting mats
Quality Quilt Store fabric…yardage, fat quarters, jelly rolls, layer cakes, charm squares
Rotary cutters
Small ironing tables
Special ironing surfaces
Unique rulers
Suggested items: Fish-theme games and books, gift card to pet store, instructional books on fish care.
Creative twist: Present the items in an aquarium.
Arts and Crafts
Suggested items: Markers, pens, colored pencils, crayons, craft paint, construction paper, paint brushes, stamping kit, jewelry kits,
small wooden model kits, loom bracelet kit, poster board, gift card to craft store.
Creative twist: Present the items in a portable three-drawer storage cart.
Baby Love
Suggested items: Diapers, diaper bag, onesies, burp cloths, infant toys, board books, teething rings, baby socks, bibs.
Creative twist: Present the items in a baby bathtub.
Baking with Kids
Suggested contents: Baking mixes (muffins, cakes, cookies), frosting, baking with kid’s cookbook, aprons, kids’ mixing utensils,
measuring cups, cookie cutters, decorating supplies.
Creative twist: Display the items in a large mixing bowl.
Book Club
Suggested items: A few bestselling books, wine glasses, wine, gourmet snacks, gift card to local bookstore or
Creative twist: Assemble the items in a pretty book bag.
Date Night In
Themed DVD Collection: Hitchcock, Greatest Noir, Best Picture by Decade
Quilted throw
Boxed candy/Wine
Date Night Out
Dinner and wine for two
Tickets to a movie or play
Taxi or uber vouchers
Family Fitness
Suggested items: Water bottles, fitness DVDs, books on healthy family activities (hikes, outdoor vacations, etc.), dumbbells, passes
to local gyms and other fitness facilities (like roller-skating rinks).
Creative twist: Try to get local fitness businesses to donate services as part of the basket.
Fun with Science
Suggested items: Tickets to science museum (if you have one nearby), science games, experiment kits, science puzzles, glow-inthe-
dark ceiling stickers, goggles, a child-sized lab coat.
Creative twist: Include a starry night quilt to use outside while star gazing.
Game Night
Board games
Participation games (like Catch Phrase)
Card games
Decks of cards
Pizza gift cards
6 packs of craft beers and soft drinks
Streaming music gift card
Suggested items: Garden store gift card, planters, watering cans, gloves, seeds, sunscreen, hand lotion, bags of soil, garden rack.
Creative twist: Pack the contents into a small garden cart (available at gardening stores or large stores like Walmart).
Get Ready for Kindergarten
Suggested items: Educational games and toys, school spirit wear, school water bottle.
Creative twist: Pack in a backpack.
Suggested items: Tees, golf balls, visor, gloves, book about golf, a gift card to a golf store or to a local course. An umbrella,
sunglasses, golfing glove, cap, golfing magazines, vouchers to local courses, certificate for a golf lesson
Creative twist: Present the items in a sports bag.
Grillers’ Delight
Suggested items: Utensils, marinades, mitts, charcoal, cookbooks about grilling.
Creative twist: Use a small grill as the basket.
Italian Dinner Night
Suggested items: High-end pastas, a variety of sauces, Italian bread/bread sticks, Parmesan cheese, a bottle of red wine, and gift
cards to an Italian deli and local Italian restaurant.
Creative twist: Present the items in a large pasta bowl.
Local Errands
Suggested contents: Gift cards for conveniences or attractions in your community like dry cleaning, grocery store, coffee shop,
movie theater, restaurants, hair salon/barber shop, etc.
Creative twist: Make the idea of errands seem more fun by arranging a “chauffeur”—a volunteer driver for a few hours on a weekend
—as part of the prize.
Movie Night at Home
Suggested items: Boxes of candy and microwave popcorn, DVDs, movie passes, blankets, store gift cards (for DVDs and snacks).
Creative twist: Include restaurant gift cards so families can order takeout dinners as part of their night.
Outdoor Adventures Suggested items: Sleeping bag, fishing pole, mini lanterns, fixings for s’mores (graham crackers,
marshmallows, and chocolate), head lamps, bug spray, citronella candles, gift cards to outdoor stores.
Creative twist: Pack the contents into a cooler or a tent.
Pamper Mom
Suggested items: Bubble bath, bath salts, towels, candles, a CD of meditative music, gift card to a local salon and/or for a massage.
Creative twist: Make the container part of the pampering—use a foot bath or a pretty basket suitable for keeping personal items.
Pet Lovers
Suggested items: Gift card to a pet store, dog (or cat) toys, dog (or cat) food bowls, pet jersey or sweater, shampoo and other
grooming supplies, a leash.
Creative twist: Assemble the contents into a dog or cat bed.
Quick Hits
Team spirit: a few theme items for a popular baseball or football team, if you have one in your area, and tickets to a game
Coffee: different varieties of coffee, and gift cards to local coffee shops
Chocolate: boxes of chocolate and samplings of loose chocolates, gift cards to a candy/chocolate shop
Kids’ books: along with a quilt to lie on floor to read on or wrap up in
Superheroes: action figures, DVDs, games pillow cases with superheroes/ quilt with same
Cookies: different varieties of cookies, a cookbook of cookie recipes
Ice cream social: ice cream dishes, sauces, sprinkles and other assorted toppings, gift card to local grocery store, gift card to ice
cream shop
Themed toys/games/books: for example, all princess, all pirate, etc. (lots of fabric available to make a small throw for floor or bed)
Knitting fun: yarn, needles, mini tape measure, stitch markers, gift card to yarn shop
New Baby Basket – baby quilt, receiving blankets, handmade toys, pacifier, diaper cream, baby shampoo, onesies, all displayed in
a baby tub or car seat.
Weekend Getaway Basket – contains a voucher for a hotel, or bed and breakfast. Include champagne, wine, cheese and other
romantic snacks. Also, toss in some vouchers for activities near the Hotel: Spa, tour guides, hiking/riding/cycling, etc.
Christmas Basket – include tinsel, garlands, ornaments, lights, candy cakes, fruitcake, Christmas-themed cookie cutters, Advent
calendar, Hickory Farms style edibles, wrapping paper, ribbon, and tape.
Pampered at Home Basket – bath gels, lotions, facial kit, bathrobe, fluffy slippers, luxurious towels, massage products, and a
pedicure kit, etc.
Wine Lovers Basket – have a selection of red and white wines, wine glasses, plus snacks to go with the wines, like cheese and
crackers, and meats.
World of Wines Basket – a selection of different wines from around the world. Include a bottle opener, a wine reference book and
an ice bucket.
Pirates of the Caribbean Basket – a chest of pirate booty that includes: chocolate gold coins, a gold bracelet or earrings, model
ship kit, plastic sword, eye patch, and a DVD of the movie.
Auto Care Basket – car wash vouchers, car wash products, air fresheners, tire pressure gauge, and seat covers, etc.
Hair Care Basket – have a selection of hair care products – a hair dryer, a curling iron, shampoos, conditioners, gels, hair spray,
comb/brushes, and hair clips, etc.
Baker’s Basket – a wicker basket of baking mixes for cakes, brownies, pancakes, pie crust, pie fillings, rolling pin, glass pie pan,
wax paper, cookie cutters, cut cupcake liners, and a baking cookbook.
Chocolate Lover’s Basket – have an assortment of gourmet chocolates, chocolate liqueurs, chocolate muffins, cookies, and fudge.
Be creative and have a few rare, weird, and wonderful chocolate products.
Beach Blanket Bingo Basket – colorful towels, plastic pail, shovels, beach ball, umbrella, cooler, Frisbee, radio, sun block, and
funky sunglasses all displayed in a beach bag or picnic basket.
Rainy Day Fun Basket – a basket of puzzles, board games, deck of cards, dice, popcorn, ingredients to make s’mores, chips, pop,
classic books and movies. Throw in a fun raincoat and rubber boots too.
Gourmet Coffee Basket – include a coffee machine, a variety of filter coffee packs, espresso coffee packs, milk frother, coffee
plunger, and gourmet or rare coffees, as well as, gift certificates to a favorite local coffee shop.
Gardening Basket – garden gloves, shovel, seeds, spray can, fertilizer, soaker hose, sprinkler, knee wagon, and a hand rake.
Candle Aroma Basket – include a variety of candles and accessories – candle holders, matches or lighters, candle making kit, and
candle making books, etc.
Pet Lover’s Basket – themed towards a specific type of pet – cat, dog, bird, or horse, etc. Have a selection of pet toys, snacks,
food, shampoos, and a voucher for the local vet.
Camping Adventure Basket – flashlights, tent, compass, local area hiking guide, lantern, cook stove, outdoor cooking pot and
utensils, canteen, camping foods, and gift certificate for outdoor recreation store for sleeping bags.
Tea for Two Basket – include a variety of teas, crackers, petit fours or tiny cakes, a tea set with cups, and a teapot.
Julie and Julia Basket – high end cooking dishes, Julia Child cookbooks and DVDs of her show, the book and movie, Julie and
Julia, and a local cooking class for the winning bidder and a few of their friends.
Cultural Food Basket – choose a culture like Italian, Thai, Indian, or Zulu (or a few cultures, for a few different baskets) – select a
group of food items, jewelry, cultural books, tourist books, curios, and artwork, etc.
Body Builder’s Basket – dumbbells, resistance bands, exercise mat, sweat towels, sweat bands, gym subscription, voucher for
personal trainer session, stability ball, and training DVDs.
Athlete-in-Training Basket – pick a specific sport and build around it. For example, cycling – with gift cards to cycle shops, cycling
helmet, spare tire tubes, pump, and bike repair kit, etc.
Barbeque Time Basket – use a barbecue as the actual basket and include tools, sauces, spices, tongs, recipe books, and
vouchers for meats.
Global or Micro Beer Basket – include an assortment of beers and drinks from around the world or your local microbreweries.
Adrenaline Junkie Basket – include vouchers for sky diving, white water rafting, rollercoaster rides, horse polo lessons, track cars,
motorcycle rentals, etc.
Video Games Basket – select a unit to build your theme, like the Sony PlayStation 4 or the Microsoft Xbox, and fill a basket with
the most popular games and a gift card to their local game store.
Designer Makeup Basket – include a variety of makeup, also throw in a voucher for a training session with a professional makeup
Survival Kit Basket – first-aid kit, bottled water, wind up transistor radio, flashlight, matches, lightweight blanket, freeze-dried food
or MRE’s, and a survival guide.
Sports Fan Basket – quilted throw made of team colors, embroidered koozie, gift certificate or pizza delivery, tickets to sporting
event, team flag
Knitting Basket – knitting needles, yarn, pattern books, knitting magazine subscription or book, completed scarf, knitting class for
winning bidder and friends with local knitting guru.
Party Baskets - tablecloth, plates, napkins, silverware, piñata, disposable camera, balloons, decorations, and gift certificate for
Dairy Queen or bakery cake, gift bags
Scrapbooking Basket - paper, photo splits, corner rounder, ribbon, embellishments, embellishment tools, photo organizing case,
album, pages, page protectors, pens, stickers, scissors
Cleaning Products Bucket - glass cleaner, furniture polish, kitchen cleaner, cleanser, dusting mitt, tile/bath cleaner, rubber gloves,
sponge, toilet bowl cleaner, disinfecting wipes, floor cleaner, bucket, mop
Tailgating Basket - large wheeling cooler, mini-grill, beer, chairs, snacks, water, condiments, Nerf football, radio, batteries
Stamping Basket - paper, cards, envelopes, stamp sets, stamp pads, stamp cleaner and pad, scissors, embossing powder,
embossing gun, glue, pencils, pop-up tabs, markers/pens, ribbon, embellishments, beads
Breakfast Basket - pancake mix, waffle mix, preserves, syrup, coffee, creamer, mugs, wire whisk, omelet pan, pancake flipper,
spatula, mixing bowl, sugar and cinnamon, honey, oatmeal, waffle maker
Fondue Basket - fondue pot, chocolate fountain, fondue plates, fondue cookbook, fondue forks, sternos, napkins
Asian Cooking Basket - chopsticks, teapot, tea cups and saucers, fortune cookies, bowls, teas, noodles, spices, peanut oil,
sesame oil, table linens, cookbook, gift certificate to restaurant
Get Well Soon Basket - books/ magazines, crossword puzzle, mug, soup, juice tea/coffee, soup mixes, slippers, plant
Cards for All Occasions Basket - Card organizer, address book, pens, stamps, cards (i.e., thank you, sympathy, congratulations,
new baby, happy birthday, seasonal, new home, retirement, wedding, anniversary, just because, encouragement, etc.)
Snack Attack - Big candy bars, bag of Hershey Kisses or M&Ms, pretzels, chips, popcorn, nuts, fruit, cookies, chewing gum, bottles
of soda or juice
Wild World of Sports - Golf balls, tees, hockey pucks, balls, tennis balls, Gatorade, water bottles, sweat socks (adult or child),
baseball and bat, basketball, football, soccer, Nerf balls, energy bars, football tee, sweat bands (head or wrist), ball pump or
needles , tickets to local sporting events, gift card to a sporting goods store, Frisbee, sports-team-theme apparel (shirts, hats, etc.)
And quilt, water bottle, sports-theme books and board games, peanuts, Cracker Jacks, binoculars, heat pads, banner, team flag for
Creative twist: Arrange the items in a large duffel bag.
Word Lovers Basket - Crossword puzzles, pencils, magazines, dictionary (pocket or regular), thesaurus, book light, journal, pens,
book plates/stamp, gift certificate to book store
Weekend Getaway - Hotel or Bed/breakfast, his/her robes, wine glasses, chocolate
Family Fun Membership Basket - annual family memberships to kid friendly places like the aquarium, children’s museum of
science & technology,
Mom’s Night Out Basket-Restaurant Gift Certificate Basket Content Ideas - Basket full of gift certificates from local restaurants,
include menus
Kid’s Road Trip Basket - Bookstore gift card (for reading in the car or book on tape)-small travel toys-travel Bingo, magna doodle,
coloring books, crayons, small travel desk for coloring on, electronic toys, window cling-ons, etch-a-sketch, color wonder markers
with paper pad
Fishing Basket - Rod & reel, fishing lures, net, tackle box, bobbers
Books and Coffee - Gift cards to Half Price Books and Starbucks, bookmarks, travel mug
Bird Watching Basket - Bird house, bird feeder, woodpecker bars, bird seed, binoculars, book to identify birds
Exercise for Health - sweat band, pedometer, stress ball, water bottle, jump rope, session with a personal trainer
Weekend Getaway - Weekend Stay at a Local Hotel, goodies for the weekend, map of area, tickets/suggestions of things to do in
the area, gift card to restaurant near hotel
Tool Box – Tool box, hammer, screw drivers, saw, vice grips, gift certificate to a home improvement store
Summer Fun Suggested items: Beach towels, beach toys, balls, sunblock, sunglasses, gift cards to mini golf or other summer
activities, yard toys (Frisbee, plastic bowling pins), bubbles, sidewalk chalk.
Creative twist: Present the items in a tote bag